Christopher - Engagement - Irvine, California


Christoph was our first choice for photographer for our wedding and engagement photos, and we are so thankful he was available. We knew part of the benefit of doing the engagement photos was to get to know your wedding photographer before the crazier wedding day, and Christoph was immediately very personable and comfortable to take photos with. He arrived on time and didn't waste time with a long complicated setup. It was immediately clear that his goal was to have great photos, not just get to the end of the required length of time for the shoot. He incorporated our own ideas as well as making his own suggestions, which was great because we felt comfortable with our things, but also didn't know what make for good photos, so his suggestions were awesome. He had a particular shot in mind at the location we were at, and even though we were out of time he very enthusiastically stayed to get these really neat dusk images in a tunnel. So far we've had the engagement photos taken, and are eager to have him as our photographer for our reception.

The final photos were really great, and he offered several with some nice post-processing looks. I totally recommend Christoph if you're in the LA area and need a friendly, total pro who takes great shots!